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 It all started with a beet


It’s kind of a long story…

Here’s the short version.

After operating as a primary producer for nearly 20 years, Andrew and Bettina sold their farm. Always looking for a new project, Andrew began growing beetroots and became intrigued by their health benefits — particularly vitamins and minerals and their effects on energy and physical performance.

Immersed in research and toying with the idea of RAD, Andrew began months of RAD experimentation and trials, exploring a range of brews. He realised he needed a stronger scientific understanding of the process before officially launching RAD, so Andrew completed a Post Grad in Food Science and Technology at Curtin University (WA). After graduating, he perfected RAD’s unique fermentation process.

It’s been a long time coming, but as a result of this dedication, RAD Tonic is healthy, delicious, and totally backed-up by science.


Originally created for athletes, but it’s much more than that

Although RAD was initially designed for athletes (in particular, surfers), we quickly realised RAD’s certified organic probiotics, vitamins, and minerals have health and wellness benefits for everyone. With benefits in enhanced brain function, the cardiovascular system, anti-inflammatory, detoxing, immunity, energy, and more, RAD shouldn’t be underestimated!

Do beet yourself up


“I love it!

Just came home from a two-hour surf and drank my RAD. Tastes great! I never drink soft drink or sweet drinks so it ticks all my boxes.”

Stand Up Paddler, Margaret River