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 Sip & smile


We set out to create the healthiest possible soft drink with tasty organic ingredients and maximum health benefits. With what’s in these bottles, we’re sure you’ll be grinning ear-to-ear.

RAD Tonic contains lab-verified vitamins and minerals, however unlike drinking straight beetroot juice, RAD has less than 1% sugar. Paired with RAD probiotics, this tonic increases the body’s ability to absorb those vitamins and minerals.


It’s basically bottled superpower

We’re not saying you’ll become a full-blown Hercules, but if Herc was around, he’d probably drink RAD (and he’d totally love it).

  • Boosts immunity.

  • Promotes gut health & wellbeing.

  • Supports the cardiovascular system.

  • Boosts cognitive function.

  • Detoxes.

  • Anti-inflammitory.

  • Enhances physical performance.

  • Assists physical recovery.

Other super stuff

  • Balances blood pH levels.

  • Assists blood pressure.

  • Rehydrates.

  • Has beneficial enzymes.

  • Manages cholesterol.

Here’s what’s in it

RAD’s unique blend of ingredients have significant wellbeing benefits to promote optimal health.


  • Lact-acidophilus.

  • Lact-paracasei.

  • Lact-plantarum.

  • Bifidobacterium.

Vitamins & minerals

  • Vitamin C.

  • Vitamin B6.

  • Vitamin B12.

  • Folate B9.

  • Niacin B3.

  • Riboflavin B2.

  • Thiamine B1.

  • Iron.

  • Magnesium.

  • Nitrate.

  • Phosphorus.

  • Potassium.

  • Selenium.

  • Sodium.


 Here’s where
we get it


Beets that’ll get you moving.

Beetroots are sourced from Tree of Love Farm in Manjimup, WA. Produce is grown under strict certified organic practices and packed locally. Farming practices are sustainable and produce is chemical free for beets that are cleaner, greener, fresher, and tastier.

Take it with a pinch of salt.

Our super fine lake salt comes from Lake Deborah in Koolyanobbing, WA — a lake that been evolving for over five million years. It’s 100% natural, certified organic, Quality ISO 900T, CODEX and HACCP certified. Isolation of Lake Deborah guarantees its salt is free from modern pollutants, to create the purest form of salt.

A tall drink of water.

RAD water is sourced in Margaret River from the Yarragadee Aquifer, situated hundreds of meters below ground level. This massive, natural groundwater reserve was formed during the Jurassic Period. Water is collected from rainwater seeping from the surface and filtered through limestone to eventually collected in the Aquifer and used by us.

Don’t strain yourself.

We’ve done all the straining for you. Rad is inoculated with probiotic bifidobacterium and Certified Organic 3 strains of Lactobacillus: (1) acidophillus (2) paracasei (3) plantarum. These probiotics are sourced from a global Danish bioscience company that develops natural solutions for food and beverage industries.


 “It works for me and I love the taste.

I have one before I ride for hydration, and one after to refuel for my next ride. It’s much kinder on my stomach than other electrolyte drinks I’ve tried.”

Mandy Beames
Competitive Cyclist