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A healthy soft drink with a natural energy kick.


No fake stuff

Only the good stuff.

  • Made from fermented beetroot (traditionally-brewed kvass).

  • 100% certified organic ingredients.

  • Less than 1% sugar.

  • No alcohol.

  • No artificial flavour or colour.

  • Produced locally in Margaret River, WA.

  • Agrifood Technology-verified vitamins and minerals.


for you

Whether you’re a star athlete, social butterfly, health nut, or certified couch potato, your body and mind will love RAD’s organic probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. This beetroot-derived brew supplements the body prior to physical activity, a night out, or a night in, and replenishes with electrolytes.


Under the lid

Let’s get science-y.

But not too science-y. We’ve broken down the fermentation process as simply as possible. RAD Tonic’s Long Fermentation process utilises Controlled Fermentation — ferment is added with selected strains of Lactose-bacillus and bifidobacterium (collectively called, probiotics).

RAD Tonic’s probiotics have been chosen for their ability to maximise the extraction of colours, flavour, vitamins, and minerals. Another big factor was their health (specifically gut-health) benefits. By using Controlled Fermentation, we get a consistent, delicious tonic every time.

“I recommend RAD to my patients.

As a healthy alternative to soft drink, RAD has the health benefits of beetroot and probiotics as well as minimal sugar content. It’s a better option for oral health.”

Dr Tony Lane
Dentist, River Dental

“A great local product.

RAD has great benefits in everyday life and endurance performance. From the first day I tried it, I was more alert and had more concentration.”

Jarrad Bolton